TEMS can help our customers:


fuel  Fuel usage. Each Megawatt Hour (“MWh”) of TEMS CleanHeat reduces the need to burn 4 Gigajoules, or more, of fossil fuel in a conventional boiler.

GHG icon  Emissions. The same single MWh of CleanHeat eliminates 200 – 400kg CO2, depending on which fossil fuel is being displaced.

Tax icon  Carbon taxes. Typically projected at around $30/tonne, these will be reduced or eliminated.  Adding up to tens – or even hundreds – of thousands of dollars annually.

electricity icon  Electricity costs. While this varies considerably by jurisdiction, there is usually a significant difference between day and night rates.  TEMS helps our clients leverage this difference.

  Capital expenditures on replacement turbines, boilers and related equipment.

Risk icon  Deployment risk through phased implementation. Kelvin units can be easily arrayed in series.


Efficiency icon  Operating efficiencies by running equipment steady state, pre-heating boilers and generators, and duct firing.

  Revenues via increasing capacity, adding ancillary services and accessing new markets.

Growth icon  Capacity, using only Kelvin units and off-peak electricity.

There are many Energy Storage solutions.

Other Thermal Storage technologies such as Molten Salts and Concrete provide a small fraction of Kelvin’s storage capacity and much lower temperatures, with massively larger footprints that are impractical in many applications.

Kelvin units can also return electricity, when combined with a turbine.  Battery systems supply efficient round trip electricity storage.  However, in practice they remain highly expensive, toxic to dispose of and sometimes even dangerously explosive.  Kelvin’s TEMS typically provides over 3x the Storage Capacity of Batteries, at less than 1/3 the cost – with no environmental hazard.