Worldwide, District Heating Organizations, Industries and Power Generators are being pressured to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG”) caused by burning fossil fuels (coal and natural gas).  This pressure comes from growing public awareness, legislation and carbon taxes – and an inevitable rise in fuel prices.

Meanwhile, electricity users face cost fluctuations in the grid between peak/off-peak hours.  This challenge is being compounded by the addition of an increasing but intermittent supply of electricity from renewable resources such as solar and wind.


Kelvin’s proprietary Thermal Energy Matrix Storage (“TEMS”) technology converts inexpensive off-peak or renewable electricity into CleanHeat at 95% efficiency.  This CleanHeat, 1) provides an alternate, parallel source of high temperature thermal energy to boilers and generators, and 2) increases their efficiency by enabling steady state operations.

TEMS can be applied to virtually any process that combusts a fossil fuel in order to produce thermal energy.