Given that the Conference of Parties have met 20 times before the meetings in held in Paris this past December with no real breakthrough there wasn’t much to get excited about this time around.  After a couple weeks of closed door meetings, gala dinners, photo-ops and a questionable comedy routine by Justin Trudeau something of significance was announced.  20 countries joined the  Mission Innovation and pledged to “double its governmental and/or state-directed clean energy research and development investment over five years”.  In addition, a group of the world’s brightest minds who also happen to have the world’s deepest pockets decided to put their resources to use on behalf of humanity as we make an earnest effort to transition into a lass carbon intensive economy and lifestyle.  The Breakthrough Energy Coalition and their impressive roster of investors – including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and Dr. Priscilla Chan, Richard Branson and many more – have committed to funding innovative technology that doesn’t necessarily meet the established (or more likely out-dated) investment criteria used by financial institutions while evaluating new investment opportunities.  This refreshed and double-bottom (environment and economic) mentality is exactly what technologies like ours and the countless other that can make a real difference in the fight for a more sustainable future need.

While talk is cheap the recent news of an upcoming meeting of the Mission Innovation member companies is encouraging.  We at Kelvin will be anxiously awaiting the press releases of June 3 to see the progress that has been made.